Private Quad Tour

From NZD $1,625.00
  • Duration: 4 Hours (approx.)
  • Location: Queenstown
Private Quad Bike Tour - max 4 pax. Participants must be over 16yo and conversant in English. Not suitable for pregnant women. No alcohol and drugs 12h prior departure.

Quad Bike Riding and Safety

Training and Safety Protocol:

To ensure everyone's safety, we offer training at the beginning of your quad bike experience. If you're unable to demonstrate safe riding or cannot communicate with our guides during the training in plain English, for your safety and the safety of others, we won't allow you to participate in the quad bike activity.

Alternative Options:

If you can't ride the quad bike safely, you have two options:

  • Partial Refund: We'll provide a refund of $50 for your quad bike activity and will return you to the Queenstown CBD. 

  • Buggy Ride (driven by our guide): You can join the tour in our safer buggy option for no additional charge. Note our guide(s) will drive the buggy. 

Credit Card Policy:

To cover potential damage to equipment in case of an accident, we require a credit card from all participants before the activity. This is to take a security deposit in the incident of an accident.

Check out our Weather Cancellation Policy, Disclosure of Risks and FAQs

 IMPORTANT INFORMATION. Please, read the following. 

Outback New Zealand Limited (t/a Nomad Safaris) Disclosure of Risk for Quad Safaris 

 We, Outback New Zealand Ltd, are committed to the protection of our employees, clients &
property from accidental injury or damage from work carried out by, and on behalf of, the
business. We, Outback New Zealand, adopt health, safety, and welfare as a fundamental
business objective.
In meeting this commitment, management will comply with all legislative requirements and
take all practicable steps to:
● Provide a safe place of work, safe equipment, and proper materials.
● Activities are reviewed by competent staff (internal technical advisors).
● Establish and insist that safe work methods be always practiced.
● Provide supervision and training.
● Ensure employees and clients understand and accept their responsibility to promote a
safe and healthy place of work and are part of the safety management process.
● Comply with all Health and Safety Legislation.
● Prevention of serious harm.
● Continually improve.
Whilst we undertake all reasonably practicable steps to minimize, remove, or isolate risks
during our tours, it still exists as it does in everyday life.
Risks you may be exposed to during your tour include, but are not limited to:
• Motor vehicle accident including veering from the track, rolling or flipping the quad,
collision with other vehicles, stock, stationary objects, or the land, rollovers, or vehicle
fires, or mechanical failure.
• Your own failure to heed safety warnings, both verbal and written.
• Risk of falling or injury due to uneven, loose, or slippery terrain.
• Dangers associated with the working farm, including unpredictable actions of stock or
• Actions of other users of the property.
• Actions of other tour participants or members of the public.
• Risk of Drowning.
• Risk of injury or death due to natural events such as Earthquakes, Landslide, Flash
Flooding, Treefall, Wildfire, Lightning, Blizzards, Volcanic Eruption, Tsunami, Cyclones
and any ongoing consequences of these events.
Disclosure of Risk Quads v 1.2 Feb 2024